Galaxy Spy, Mission 2: Darker Things
Jo Addison
Sci-fi romance
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-842-7
August 2013

Carrie is a spy who is sent in as a working girl to infiltrate a gentleman’s club called The Dark Side of the Moon. There is a new drug in the form of a body lotion that is circulating on the market and it is said to originate from this club. When rubbed into the skin, used sparingly, it enhances sexual pleasure but if used in larger doses, it is deadly. Carrie, with the help of her partner Jeremy, must find out as much as she can about this drug so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

With the kinky nature of the club, Carrie gets herself in all kinds of naughty fun while on the job. Keeping her head about her, she must find out as much information as she can while being the stimulating object of her male companions. Jo Addison keeps the character deliciously busy by gratifying her customers in the most desirable way.

Galaxy Spy takes place on the ship and the reader isn’t overwhelmed by science fiction lingo. The sensuality between the characters is all that matters until the story comes to an end. The sex scenes are written with taste and passion that you can’t stop reading and you can’t get enough of it. Carrie is playful and sexy while staying professional, which makes her a believable and entertaining strong female character.

Overall rating: 3hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Catherine Anderson