Fire Within (Romance in Moonspell 2)
Jessica Coulter Smith
Paranormal romance
Changeling Press
ISBN: 06584-02118
September 2013

This story begins with Reika playing Truth or Dare with her friend Maya. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m referring to the game, not that movie with the pop star. Anyway, it’s Reika’s turn to choose and she goes with Dare, as I’m sure you all knew she would. Well, let me do some ‘splaining for you all. Reika and Maya are both fairies, you know, with wings. They both can do at least some magic although Reika’s magic seems to be defective or something. Anyway, Reika had been driving down the street and she saw a fireman who she was attracted to. Alright, the fireman was hot. Maya dares our girl to do something to bring the firemen over so she messed up a potion with smoked everywhere. Of course, the Moonspell Fire Department is there to take care of the smoke and check for fire. Well, they didn’t manage to actually meet her fireman, but they saw him, so they began to plot how Reika could meet him. One word: Cookies!

Reika went a little over board, she made cookies, pie and a cake. Well, she met almost all the firemen who responded to her call the night before and actually met the man she was trying to meet, Jax Donohue. After all the baked treats she brought to them almost all of them are willing to give Jax some competition for her. Jax is a werewolf. Usually wolves know their mates by scent but Jax must breathe too much smoke. All he knows is he really needs to see her again. She agrees to go to dinner with him hoping her weird magic won’t do anything to him. Other men she tried to date had awful things happen to them! He takes her to a nice restaurant and when he’s about to pay the bill he just transforms into a wolf. Luckily, since it’s Moonspell, people aren’t up in arms and panicking. Reika takes her wolf home to her house, gives him a potion not knowing if it would work or not and the two watch movies.

In case you are worried, it isn’t until Jax transforms back that there is any smexy time. I mean, ew! By this point though, Reika doesn’t want anything to happen to Jax because of her so she’s about to end this before it begins. Then she figures, what the heck, one night should be okay. You do know I’m smirking now, right? Well, Reika just happens to be Jax’s mate and so the two begin actually having a relationship. One of the problems is Reika’s ex boyfriend and Jax’s ex girlfriend. Sigh. Oh! And someone is setting fires in the town, one of which was at Reika’s store. I have to say, I really like Moonspell, the series and the town. Ms. Coulter Smith gave us a hopping story! I don’t think I put it down once! It doesn’t hurt that the two main characters in this story are two of my favorites from the paranormal world: Fairies and werewolves. I can’t wait to read the third story of this series!

Overall Rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.