Being with the Brothers Next Door
Jenika Snow
Contemporary romance
Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-563-1
September 2013

Sasha Marsh has been in love with both Jonas and Tanner Ashbury since she was a young girl hoping they would notice her as they all grew up. Losing her virginity to Tanner during her graduation party outside against the side of a house might not be romantic but she is blown away by the sizzling heat. A misunderstanding has her running away to college but now she is home. Never could she have imagined the attraction, emotions or love that she couldn’t deny for both Jonas and Tanner.

Now that Sasha has come home to live Tanner and Jonas are going to do everything within their power to prove to her that she is the only woman they could ever love.

The distinctive pen of author Jenika Snow gives readers a whirlwind story brimming over with wickedly delightful sensuality, seductive heat and a depth of emotions that is totally captivating. The author does an excellent job of slowly building the characters, weaving their younger years along with the growing sexual tension and attraction that takes place between Sasha, Tanner and Jonas. And the way the Sasha is portrayed it is very easy for the reader to be able to sympathize with her as well as put themselves in her place understanding her feelings for the twins and her need to move forward and put the past behind.

There seems to be really two parts to this story: before Sasha loses her virginity to Tanner is one part and the second is after she returns home from college and into the arms of her men. The second portion moves rather quickly with the temptation and love that Sasha feels for Tanner and Jonas heating up the pages with sizzling passion. Although it would have been nice to slow the relationship down a little and build more on the bond that still exists instead of the wham bam impression the reader might feel when the Jonas and Tanner see Sasha again. The tension that Sasha’s brother brings to the relationship between the lovers gives the reader a little more insight and compassion to Sasha’s feelings not only for her men but her brother as well which seems to enhance the characters as well as their love.

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon