The Trials of Gregg
Stephani Hecht
Paranormal romance
Extasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-77111-704-3
October 2013

This is book twenty-seven of the Lost Shifters series by Stephani Hecht. As I’ve said before in other series reviews, you don’t have to have read them all or in order, but I really like the series so you should read them all.

The story begins with Gregg feeling very left out and alone. He’s sitting in the cafeteria with three couples who are all lovey dovey with each other. Sigh. Gregg is a hawk in the Feline Coalition. His good friends are hawks, a feline, a spider and a hyena. He decides to bring his little sister a tray of food and goes home. Just so you all know, home is not a fun place for him and his sister Tiffy. Their father is a verbally abusive alcoholic. Their mother was tired, I guess, of him and left without the kids. All his father, Almont, does is either go drinking, stay home drinking or tell Gregg how worthless he is. Almont ignores Tiffy completely. Meanwhile, in the human military we meet John Smith. John’s been hiding the fact he can shift into a lion, especially since humans have begun to hunt shifters. He’s shifts by accident during training and is taken to the Coalition headquarters. He has no idea where he’s going, terrified he will be experimented on. Mitchell’s mate, Dean, recommends Gregg be John’s guide through the Coalition and shape-shifters in general. Feel free to read Carnal Intentions, the fourth book in the Lost Shifters series for this couple.

John feels like he’s taken the wrong color pill and his whole world is upside down. The only good thing, besides not being given a rectal probe, is Gregg. John sees him walk into the office and thinks life may just be good now. Gregg actually feels the same, but doesn’t feel he should act on it. Gregg gives John what I call the ten cent tour. He can see John is completely overwhelmed, so they go to the shooting range. Well, as will all military men, John knows guns, and here he feels comfortable. Basically, the two end up spending the whole week together, John getting into the Coalition’s military, and training. I have to say, and this shouldn’t surprise you if you’ve read any of my other Stephani Hecht reviews, it was great when Gregg and John had joined some of Gregg’s friends for lunch and they were joined by Shane. Sigh. He was just stopping in, some of the men at the table had been on his assassin team, so they were all joking around. It was fun.

All right, I loved the relationship between Gregg and John. I loved how they were unsure at first, mostly because John was new to the whole ‘there are other people like me’ world and because of Gregg’s situation at home. I have many words I can use to describe Almont, but none of them, while appropriate, would be acceptable in this review. Gregg is terrified that if Almont is banished then he would take Tiffy with him… something about Cast Law. Sigh. I know, I just rolled my eyes, but when you are trapped in a situation like that and cannot see a way out, you have to do what you can. John and Gregg finally get together, and John tells Gregg he will stand by him no matter what. Yes, Almont is eventually dealt with and things are cleared up in the Coalition regarding Gregg and Tiffy. When I read this the first time I liked it. I was going to give it a plain, old four hearts. Then I re-read it, you know, just to be sure. I have to say, Ms. Hecht does a good job writing about the results of having an alcoholic and abusive parent. I loved how Gregg didn’t turn into someone frightening as a result. As usual, my question at this point is, when is the next one being released?

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.