Trusting Thomas
K C Wells
Dreamspinner Press
October 2013

Thomas Williams is about to get an unusual gift for Christmas. It’s not one he expected but one that will change his life forever. He’s the co-owner of BDSM club, Collars and Cuff, and is quite content with it all. When a Dom from another club asks him to take in abused submissive Peter Nicholson, he readily offers his assistance. Peter is scared initially but having a safe place to heal while being cared for by Thomas is wonderful. Thomas has trained submissives for years and knows Peter’s Dom neglected his duties in addition to the horrific abuse. In the process of caring for Peter,Thomas finds himself falling for the sweet man. He’s not interested in having a submissive of his own. Or is he? Moving forward may present some problems as Peter’s abuser wants him back. When all is said and done, Thomas will make sure his boy knows and feels all the love he has in his heart for him.

Trusting Thomas is the second book in the Collars and Cuffs series. I liked the first book but I loved this one. It’s a beautifully written depiction of a broken man lovingly and patiently put back together. It’s heartbreaking to read the first few pages as the author pulls no punches in describing the horror that is Peter’s life. Getting through all that made me feel sad and angry, yet the way Thomas cares for Peter was a joy to read. He is kind and gentle, knowing the right thing to say and do. I loved the interaction between them especially in light of the situation. As with the previous book this one isn’t hardcore BDSM. A kinder gentler way is what’s needed here since Peter has suffered enough pain to last a lifetime. There were a couple of things that were a bit iffy within the plot but forgivable overall. When Peter finally puts all his trust in Thomas and learns to fly, you won’t forget it. Put this one on your to be read list soon.
Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Beverly