The Sire Bond; The Hellfire Club
Belladonna Bordeaux
Fantasy romance
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-844-1
August 2013

Joseph Hutton, Earl of Allsop, is lucky to encounter a long lost love, Elspeth, who he was fated to be with. Unfortunately, he finds out that she is sired to a mortal enemy of his. Destined to break the strong bond between her merciless captor, Joseph brings her to the only place she will be safe. He seeks the aid of some of the most powerful men who can help him free her of a life entrapped by another man.

Belladonna Bordeaux blows you away with the sensuality she ignites between the main characters. Being sired is a hard state of mind to break and the author portrays the lengths that Joseph will go to set his lover free from her bondage. In an effort to sear the hold, things heat up between Mikhail, Joseph and Elspeth in a shocking array of sexual threesome pleasure that sends your heart racing and puts a flush on your cheeks. Every woman secretly wishes to be ravished and brought to ecstasy in the same manner as Elspeth and the author spares no expense in bringing the reader to the peak of sexual climax.

The Sire Bond is set in London, England in the time of 1742. The time period lends itself to the traditional vampire saga but the story focuses on the eroticism and leaves the vampirism as part of the surroundings and the theme of the story. The setting encompasses the mystical and the paranormal that we like to read about and enjoy immersing ourselves into. The strong male characters command your attention to every page and leave you breathless while you watch Elspeth, the vision of beauty and vulnerability, succumb to their sexual desires. Desperate to be free, she puts her trust in the man she loves and will do whatever it takes for them to be together. This was a sinfully good story of endless love, sacrifice and sexual pleasure.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Catherine Anderson