Seducing Her Brother’s Best Friend
Jenika Snow
Contemporary romance
Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-572-3
September 2013

It has always been Kane Montgomery that has starred in every one of Cayla Reinhart’s fantasies. He is the only man she could ever love and she is bound and determined to seduce him before she goes away to college at the end of them summer. It doesn’t matter that he is older than her or that he is her brother’s best friend. Nope, sex-on-a-stick Kane is the only man that Cayla wants to give her virginity too.

Kane knows it’s wrong but he craves Cayla’s touch and there is no way he can resist her womanly curves and her sensual beauty and he is finding it harder and harder to deny his feelings or his desires when it comes to Cayla Reinhart.

When it comes to bad boys, author Jenika Snow knows once again delights readers tempting and teasing them to the irresistibly charms of bad boy, Kane Montgomery. With its short format in Seducing Her Brother’s Best Friend the author provides a perfect escape for the reader with its engrossing fast pace; yet still gives them a sexy and satisfying story centered on two well-developed, intriguing the unforgettable characters that turn up the heat right from the very beginning.

The relationship between Kane and Cayla is sexy, sweet and filled with enough sexual tension that the reader can’t help but enjoy these two navigating their strong attraction along with the outside influences and issues that plague the would be lovers. Readers can’t help but fall a little in lust with the tattooed, pierced and very sinfully sexy Kane who when it comes to Cayla becomes a touching, tender and seductive man to fulfill and love every one of her desires. And readers will laugh-out-loud as Cayla tempts and teases her man in such a way that it keeps them turning page after page waiting to see who will win the battle. The ending wraps up perfectly and leaves the reader with a smile.

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon