Hidden Wolf
Toni Griffin
Paranormal romance
Extasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-77111-707-4
October 2013

This book begins with a rip. I’m smirking due to the fact that Ashley was convinced by his best friend Kieran to head to a spa and get waxed. Yes, waxed, and I will allow you to use your imaginations as to what was waxed. After he exits said spa to Kieran’s laughter, he isn’t paying attention to where he’s going and walks right into someone. That someone is Vaughan Jacobs, tall, sexy and very intense. When the strange hottie starts holding onto him and saying ‘MINE’ Ashley feels it is a good time to exit stage left. Well, Ashley works from home building websites and doing other work on his computer. He roommate is Kieran, and the two of them tend to go out for lunch regularly. The current site Ashley is working on is for a pub called the Den. They decide to meet there for lunch not knowing Vaughan is the owner. Vaughan isn’t only the owner of the pub, he is the Pack Alpha. Yes, he’s a wolf shifter.

Ashley is so attracted to Vaughan it isn’t funny. The two of them have chemistry in spades. They also seem to have a few issues with each other. The biggest one being Ashley thinks he is human and Vaughan can tell Ash is wolf shifter. Poor Vaughan really has no idea why Ash has no idea they are mates. Shouldn’t Ash smell, sense or just know this? And yes, that was my question as well as Vaughan’s. The two of them go on a few dates, and yes, they are totally into each other. Vaughan convinces Ash to invite his parents for dinner because he hopes to be able to discover what is really going on with Ash and his lack of shifter knowledge and ability. That just opens Pandora’s box for him. Oy.

Ashley is really just too cute. He’s shy and sort of an Omega. He also tends to faint if things get to be a little too much for him. He also knows Vaughan is the man for him, even if he believes Vaughan has a few screws loose. Vaughan absolutely loves Ash and will do just about anything for him. He puts one of his Betas on the task of getting to the bottom of Ashley and his wolf. This is Ms. Griffin’s first story in the Tassie Wolves series. She does a good job of introducing us to the pack and letting us enjoy their relationships. I really enjoyed the mystery that is Ashley and I especially like how well Vaughan handled it. This is a good start to the series and I would like to see where it goes from here!

Overall Rating: 312hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.