Freedom to Trust
Melody Snow Monroe
Siren-BookStrand Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-62740-264-4
July 2013

Nikki Wilder is a former vice cop with a serious case of control issues who knows that romance isn’t in the cards for her. When she decides to become a foster parent to eleven year-old Mark who recently lost his mother her life quickly takes a turn in a positive way. And when the ruggedly handsome twins, Garth and Zane Milosino work to break down her walls, surround her heart and they both seem to really care about Mark she has hope for a future filled with love. But Zane is a true Dom and surrendering control and trust to both Zane and Garth isn’t an option for her, or is it?

We return to Freedom, Colorado for the second book in this captivating series where the delightfully amazing pen of author Melody Snow Monroe continues to heat up the pages. The tightly coiled plot brimming over with passion, sensuality, adventure and a touch or two of dominance seems to pull the reader along with the drama and utterly enchanting romantic flair that thrills and touches the heart. Freedom to Trust is superbly written with sharp and realistic dialogue along with descriptive images of each scene making it very easy for the reader to be able to envision each passage which seems to further their reading enjoyment of the action as well as the characters.

Nikki is a wonderfully drawn and believable heroine with her feisty and formidable personality which with the underlying vulnerability and tenderness that makes it very easy for the reader to sympathize and understand the woman she is. She is a wounded soul with a kind heart but with an issue of trust and control that is hard for her to let go and believe in the good. She displays her tender, kind and caring heart by becoming a foster parent to the young teenager Mark Richie. Brothers, Garth and Zane are pretty relentless in their pursuit of Nikki and the lengths they are willing to go to; to break down her walls and capture her heart and soul is romantic, sensual and daring. The sexually charged chemistry right from the very beginning between Nikki and the Milosino brothers makes this a thrilling, emotion-filled and unforgettable romance. The author does a superb job of helping the reader understand why Nikki has issues with control and her fear of domination in the bedroom. The care and attention that Zane and Garth shower on Mark will touch the heart of the reader.

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon