Avenging Enjel
Viola Grace
Sci-fi romance
Extasy Books
ISBN # 978-1-77111-708-1
October 2013

This is the first book in the Terran Times Second Wave series. And as such, you don’t have to read any of the other Terran Times… but I’m a little Obsessive-Compulsive about these things, so I have read them all. I do, however, highly recommend reading Guardian Enjel, the seventh book of the Terran Times series first.

This story begins with Myrik teaching a class in a temple on meditation. This is where young, male Enjels go when they’ve matured enough to learn how to control themselves. He’s interrupted for a visitor and finds Miranda from Guardian Enjel waiting to see him. I have to say I really enjoyed this scene. It gave both of them, her family and us readers some closure and healing. Anyway, Myrik is about to become one of the Nyal Guardians we’ve been learning so much about in the last Terran Times novellas, and now he’s ready to go and joins the Whiccin Guardians. Alexia Under is one of the humans brought to space in the second wave. When we meet her, she’s in a negotiator suit being held captive. She’s also being tortured. Apparently our girl Alexia is too important in the Nyal Imperium, and as a Negotiator she is able to do many things. The group who took her just wanted her to sign off on a contract okaying them rights to fly almost anywhere. She said no, hence the torturing. This is the situation the Guardians are for, so a team goes in and rescues her. One of the team members is Guardian Winger. That would be Myrik.

Alexia, or Lexi, has some serious healing to do. When Winger sees her out of her Negotiator ‘armour’ he realizes she is Terran like Miranda. He also feels very drawn to her. Because of her standing as a Negotiator, Lexi had been entrusted with incredible amounts of information so now she’s a possible danger to Nyal. Winger uses his Guardian status to contact the Nyal Imperial Consort for assistance. Yes, I’m smirking right now. Not only does he get through to the Consort, she arrives to handle the debriefing of Lexi. It was fun seeing the Consort, or Hydra, from Determine, the fifty-seventh book in the Terran Times series. Hydra, seeing a fellow Terran, does the debriefing, then gives Lexi a job with the Whiccin Guardian team. Lexi stays with the team and has to learn how to use some of the modifications the Whiccins have given her. In the meantime, the Guardians continue regularly going on missions, rescuing citizens…things like that. Lexi does know, both from Hydra and from the data streams that her kidnappers have placed a bounty on her head. Oh Joy.

I have to say, I really enjoyed Lexi and Winger getting to know each other and falling in love. The Whiccin Guardians have their funny moments and I like how their healer is different than the healers we’ve seen before. He is an Ice Healer, usually they heal with fire, machines or more naturally. Again, I’ve read them all. Lexi is able to use her gifts to not only assist the team, but learn about her current world and Myrik’s previous world. The ones who placed the bounty are determined to take her or kill her. The entire team and Lexi are a part of what happens. It is very exciting and I was on the edge of my seat! Ms. Grace has given us a wonderful story. She doesn’t pull her punches describing the more horrific things that happen and she is more than willing to let things go full circle. I was afraid at first that she wouldn’t touch on Myrik’s past deeds, but she did. And she did it with care and sensitivity. I’m still smiling after reading the story. I have to say, I’m so excited about the Second Wave coming!

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.