An Undercover Submissive
Peyton Elizabeth
Siren-Bookstrang Publishing
Isbn: 978-1-62740-533-1
September 2013

Patricia Lawton, once an investigative reporter for Sander and Lashe Bartel, continues her search for her story on Senator Shelton Warren and Safeword LLC. She’s determined to expose both as abusers of women. Kennedy Van Camp, owner of Safeword LLC offers Trish a chance to learn about the lifestyle first hand so that she can research the truth of the club and the people who go there. A two month contract as a submissive. Sander and Lashe who belong to the Order, a clandestine group of wealthy men with a penchant for sharing women, have agreed to train Trish in the lifestyle. The desire to explore their attraction to Trish while at the same time keeping the secrets of the order, the club and the members. When a contract is agreed upon and signed, Trish, Sander and Lashe begin their journey of forging a relationship.

Will the relationship survive Trish’s ongoing investigation or will the trust needed destroy it forever? Why is so dead set on bringing down the Senator and Safeword LLC? Will she succeed or will she find her hidden desires fulfilled? To find the answers you will need follow this trio as they traverse through this excellent story. You will find yourself wishing you were in Trish’s shoes as she explores her inner desires and learns more about the secret world of the BDSM lifestyle. When you pick up Undercover Submissive be sure you are not disturbed because you will not want to put it down. Have a cold drink handy to help you cool down when you read the scenes so hot the paper all but ignite in flames. Enjoy devouring your copy today.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: DelAnne