Until Next Time
Justine Dell
Contemporary romance
Omnific Publishing
ISBN: 978-1623420376
August 2013

Every person Piper Downing has ever loved has left her, so she thinks it is better not to get close to people. However, Macy Quinn Oliver begins to change her view when he starts coming around to the funeral parlor where she works and asks her out until he wears her downs and she finally says yes.

Macy Quinn Oliver is a man that knows as much about death as Piper does after losing his wife. But when a second chance at love presents itself the moment he meets Piper, he finds he doesn’t know what to do since he told his wife just before she died that she was the only one for him and that he’d never marry again.

This book was a real tear-jerker, yet I loved the plot from start to finish while feeling very sorry for both the heroine and hero and all that they’d been through. The dialogue was well-written and I enjoyed the growing relationship between Piper and Quinn because in some way they were both helping each other to heal from their losses. The sex scenes were hot and illustrated the great chemistry these two had from the moment they met. What I liked so much about Piper was that the closer she became to Quinn, the more she began to open up. While with Quinn, I liked that he pushed for a relationship with Piper until she finally decided to give him a chance.

Overall, this story was a great read that captivated me with the back stories of both the heroine and hero and how their losses helped them to find a second chance at love.

Overall Rating: 4hearts
Sensuality Rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Bec