Missy Welch
Paranormal romance
Amber Quill Press
November 2013

Isherwood is a small town in Southern Ohio. It holds many secrets and seems to be dying out with businesses closing, people moving away. Finn Webb is one of the lucky ones, his family construction and remodeling business is booming. His love life is not as successful until the day he saves a injured dog. Unbeknownst to Finn, Cas Maine is that injured animal. He’s been cast out from his pack and hopes to start anew in Isherwood. When he’s hit by a car and rescued by Finn, he not only finds his true love but secrets long held dear are uncovered.

The author’s blurb tempted me so I thought I’d give it a try. The beginning really captured my attention, I liked the way the author put a different spin on the usual shifter romance. I’m a huge fan of shifter stories and this one was rather neat. The developing relationship between Finn and Cas is engaging along with a surprisingly unique set of supporting characters. As the story moves along I admit to losing some of my enthusiasm. It stalled a little even though there is lots going on in Isherwood for sure. This novella reads like the start of a series suggesting much more to follow. Overall, it was a pretty decent read to while away an hour or two.
Overall rating: 312hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Beverly