Halt (Terran Times 71)
Viola Grace
Sci-fi romance
Extasy Books
ISBN 978-1-77111-728-9
November 2013

This is the seventy-first book in the Terran Times series. Yes, I’ve read them all. They do not need to be read in order even if I think you should read them all. In regards to Halt I would recommend beginning to read with Determine (which is the fifty-seventh book in the series) through this one.

This story begins with Tazzy basically sitting in a male strip club with a co-worker. Alright, it’s not really a strip club, but it is interactive! Tazzy is a Peacekeeper in the Nyal Imperium, specifically on Decolian 12 and she’s at this club looking for the young Prince Sollas who apparently gets his kink from getting cash at this place… even in space on other planets the Paparazzi are always around! They take pictures of the Commander leaving with a young, masked man and it fills the newsfeeds. Watching said newsfeed is Silver, one of the Decolian Guardians. The other two are Quell and Flick. It turns out Silver is her old partner Arkenor who she thought was dead. She had cared for him but was emotionally crushed when she was told he hadn’t survived an attack. Silver isn’t certain why she was on the planet, but when he and Quell try to look into her record to see why, the file was locked down. So of course the men are interested. I feel I have been remiss here. Tazzy is actually Commander Anastasia Rikkat of Terra, you know from Earth, and she was part of the initial Terrans to come into space.

Just so you all know, things are not the same with Arkenor and Tazzy. Because of the almost fatal attack on Arkenor, he received healing that had a few side effects, hence the code name Silver. Now Tazzy got a few things done after Arkenor died, but the true effects happened when she was another victim of an attack. Now our girl, through touch mostly and scent a little, is capable of almost mesmerizing whomever she touches. That’s all well and good, the down side is her workout clothes. She basically has to destroy it after every workout due to the strength of her sweat. Because the Guardians witnessed her using her new gift to separate Silver and Prince Sollas in the middle of a fight, they want her to become a Guardian too. They get all of her paperwork in place and suddenly Tazzy is in the Guardian program! Due to her abilities, her Guardian uniform shows a lot of skin, see Martine Jardin’s cover!

So, almost the first thing after she becomes a Guardian, Tazzy wants a transfer. Basically Arkenor needs to work hard to woo her to be his partner, not just a Guardian. The couple certainly needs to communicate with each other, without any secrets in the way. The missions they are called out for are fun and really different than the missions Guardian Teams from other stories go on. Flick is a very fun guy too, so he and Quell are very interesting in keeping her with their team and help Silver whenever they can. This is a fun story! I like how Ms. Grace combines the ‘flashback’ memories with what is happening in the current story. Arkenor is so very attached to Tazzy and the romance between them is pretty awesome! I know this will shock you, but I am a huge fan of this series and Ms. Grace is always able to keep me coming back for more!

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.