Sweet Revenge (1Night Stand, 185)
Cate Masters
Contemporary romance
Decadent Publishing
ISBN # 9781613335932
September 2013

Here is my 1Night Stand Series review blurb. This is a Series from Decadent Publishing. All the heroines and heroes in this series either have friends who send them to, or they hear about, Madame Evangeline’s high-end dating service 1Night Stand. The entire series is written by different authors, although some write more than just one.

We begin this story with Zoe teaching her yoga class. She’s a bit distracted as she’s anticipating her 1Night Stand that evening. Zoe hasn’t had a date in what seems like forever and one of her friends suggested the dating service. On top of that, she looks up and sees her boss, Ty Hardin, watching her. Of course she thinks he’s trying to throw her off. Sigh. All right, let me give you some background information on our girl. Besides being strong and flexible, she teaches advanced yoga, she was part of the popular crowd in high school. She was a cheerleader, dated a football player, but one of her best friends was an overweight geek. She was too concerned over fitting in and most of her other friends had no idea. Anyway, she had become a reporter, was on her way up to the big time but her then boyfriend kinda screwed her…and not in the fun way. She gave up her life as it was and completely started over.

Date night was interesting. It turns out her date is her boss! Ty shows up late, making a big deal about the exact number of minutes since it was supposed to mean something to her. I say that with an eyebrow raised in question since it was a big deal that made no sense (to Zoe or to me). Regardless of that, the two of them really to have great chemistry together. They pack the food to go and end up at his place for a ton of smexy time. And Wow! Ty was all about having smexy time with Zoe. Luckily, she felt the same way. The biggest problem they have is Ty was someone she used to know in high school. She doesn’t remember him and she treated him terribly at the end. This date was part of his way to enact revenge for what happened years before.

Just so you all know, if you didn’t already, Madame Eve doesn’t make mistakes. She also wouldn’t set anyone up on a date just for revenge. With that said, Ty and Zoe have some communicating to do. I have to say, I love the changes Ms. Masters had both Ty and Zoe go through in their lives to get to this point. I have read, and reviewed, many 1Night Stand stories. I obviously like the premise of the dating service and I love how the stories are written by the different authors in different genres. I have also read other 1Night Stand stories by Ms. Masters, Cinderella Dreams being my favorite, but this is a good tale. The story arc is excellent and Ms. Masters makes it worth the read!

Overall rating: 312hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.