Bared for Her Bear (Wylde Bears, book 1)
Jenika Snow
Paranormal romance
Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-592-1
October 2013

It might have been a bad idea, but really all it was supposed to be was a one night stand. But who would have figured the stupid condom would break and ruin a perfect night of sexual pleasure? Now February “Ary” Felina, who is an ocelot shifter, finds she is pregnant by one of Sweet Waters’ sexiest and wickedest bear shifters, Charlie Wylde, who prides himself on never having the same woman twice.

Charlie and his bear are blown away by the sexy Ary. Charlie the man wants to have his wicked way with her and his bear wants his mate. He wants to mark the lovely Ary as his. The condom breaking is a really bad thing. Or is it? Can one night of pleasure become a lifetime of love for these two lovers?

The very talented Jenika Snow has another winner on her hands with Bared for Her Bear, the first book in her new series about the Wylde Bear brothers of Sweet Water. No matter what genre she is writing in, this author writes simply irresistible stories that satisfy and delight readers earning for pleasure, passion and romance. In Bared for Her Bear, the author displays her deliciously wicked sense of humor with the dialogue between Ary and her two best friends that is funny and can be highly appreciated for its female charm.

The sparks definitely fly the first time Charlie and Ary’s eyes meet across the crowded bar. The chemistry between Charlie and Ary sets the pages on fire with their sensual connections. Their sizzling hot sex scenes will have the reader fanning their face from the heat as these two lovers do the horizontal mambo. Bad boy Charlie lives life by his own rules and he is big, bad and strong enough to take what he wants. But there is a softer side to him where Ary is concerned that is compelling and touching. Ary is a treat and a heroine that most readers can really relate to. She is turning thirty, she just recently kicked her no good boyfriend to the curb, and she has insecurities with her weight that makes her skittish when it comes to the opposite sex. She would never think of a one night stand but with the help of a little alcohol, Ary finds the daring woman that is strong and determined enough to grab the pleasure she deserves. Readers will laugh-out-loud and sigh with pleasure as she rocks Charlie’s world.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for the Wylde brothers!

Overll rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon