The Bottom Line
Shelley Munro
Contemporary romance
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60504-985-4
April 2010

Maggie Drummond is making changes to her life thanks to an erotic romance novel she bought on the fly. She is exploring aspects of her personality she hadn’t realized were there and has realized her relationship no longer works for her. What does work are her fantasies about her friend Connor Grey. But he is off limits. Connor has been patiently waiting for a chance with Maggie and knows he won’t have a better opportunity than right now. Because he values their friendship, he plans to move carefully so he doesn’t scare her away. Will indulging her fantasies cost Maggie everything?

From the very beginning, this story will grab readers’ attention. Maggie’s decision to delve into the world of spanking is not something she does lightly, but it shows the strength of her character. It even gives her enough confidence in herself to end the relationship she is no longer satisfied with. Connor has always seen the hidden strength in Maggie and is happy to see her realize that she is stronger than she though. He is the perfect partner for her in that he wants her to continue to grow and be the person she wants to be without making her into something she’s not. It doesn’t hurt that the two of them strike sparks off of each other anytime they are together.

Shelley Munro has written a thoroughly entertaining story about two very relatable characters. Maggie’s initial insecurity about her body is something most women deal with in their life and the fact that she can overcome it is a hopeful message to send to female readers. The growth she experiences throughout the novel is great to see, and her friends make the story that much more fun to read. There are some unexpected twists toward the end, but the ending is ultimately satisfying and completely fitting for the story.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Karin