It’s Good to be Home
Delilah Storm
Contemporary romance
Torquere Press
September 2013

Marine Captain Jason Taylor is on his way home from his latest tour of duty. He’s been gone fourteen months so he
can’t wait to see his husband Ridley and baby girl Barbara. Ridley is just as excited, it’s been a long time since he held his husband in his arms. He’s a bit concerned though when Jason says he needs to discuss something important with him. Could this be the end of this ecstatic homecoming?

Coming home is all you think about when someone you love has been gone so long. I knew the author understood that
sentiment very well after reading the first few pages. Jason is a career marine who has only seen his baby daughter through skype and he’s really aching to be home. Ridley has done a phenomenal job raising little “Boo” and keeping it all together while Jason is serving his country. This story is so indicative of the times with strong characters you couldn’t ignore if you wanted to. Nicely done, the plot is emotional with plenty of sweet moments and a very passionate reunion too. If you like stories that are wholly romantic you’ll enjoy the read.

Overall rating: 312hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Beverly