First Aid
J L Jensen
Contemporary romance
Torquere Press
September 2013

While working the Twin Cities, firefighter/paramedic Jason sees a stunning lady take a tumble. He immediately rushes to her rescue and offers his assistance. Dressing up in pretty dresses is just one of the things dancer Casey enjoys doing. When the sexy Jason offers more than professional concern, he’s more than interested. A few of his former boyfriends were less than enthused about his love for “feminine attire.” Since Jason is bisexual, he gets the best of both worlds and love quickly blossoms. It feels like a perfect match.

Loved it! This is a wonderful well-written little gem. The author got it right from start to finish in this sweet and very sexy romantic short. Jason and Casey are simply amazing together, it is truly a perfect match. The way the author set the scene for their romance was brilliant. It just flowed smoothly from there. The pacing and chemistry gelled and it worked effortlessly in creating a fabulous read. If you enjoy reading about hot firefighters and the equally hot men they love, then you will love ‘First Aid”. I hope the author has a follow-up in mind.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating:Explicit
Reviewer: Beverly