Cyber Fantasy
Ashlynn Monroe
Sci-fi romance
Changeling Press
ISBN #0645202074
August 2013

This story begins with Aryn having a lovely vacation dream that is suddenly interrupted by dream spam! Sigh. All right, this is set in the future where all minds seem to be part of what we call the world wide web. There are tons of laws from sex to the usual laws against theft, etc. Everyone seems to have up update their…erm, the equivalent to Windows Update I guess, and the last update was messed up. So poor Aryn hasn’t slept much and whoever her tech person is hasn’t gotten back to her about the spammers. She goes in to work and goes to one of the work technologists to see if he can help her. It does and doesn’t help that she has a huge crush on him, that would be Jamar. You know, he has to call another technologist friend to help and Tossh comes up. The two men, to Aryn anyway, are so hot! With her filters on the fritz, she spends the whole time trying to keep her mind on neutral subjects.

Oy. So the government sent a report to her Human Resources department saying she had basically unclean thoughts regarding Jamar and Tossh, And really, who wouldn’t? Aryn is suspended from work for a week and her friend Jaz comes over. Jaz is all about being offline and doing things like having cyber sex just to keep her sanity. There’s a club she wants to take Aryn to where everything is secret and under the table so to speak. Since Aryn is so desperate for physical touch, or at least cyber touch, she agrees. The name of the club is where the series name comes from: Socially Inappropriate Networking. S.I.N. and this is the first story in the series. Jaz sets her up with two masked men so she can experience the fantasy that got her in trouble.

Aryn meets with her mystery men and really, let the fun begin! Yes, it is all cyber, they can’t break every law you know. I’m not even sure the word smexy is descriptive enough for their playtime. I have to say I haven’t read any of Ms. Monroe’s science fiction romances but I have read at least one of her stories for a different publisher. She is an excellent writer and creates pretty incredible worlds. I do have to say though, this whole Big Brother thing is way different than George Orwell planned in his book 1984 and frankly I’d hate to live in this society. That, however, does not stop this from being a great story! Ms. Monroe gave us programming, cyber sex and really hot men (both on the real plane and the cyber one)! This is the perfect beginning to the S.I. N. series and I can’t wait to read more!

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.