Ava’s Mate
Hazel Gower
Paranormal romance
Beachwalk Press
ISBN: 9781937325886
September 2013

The fickle hand of fate must be playing a joke on Ava Wolfen and Logan Brown, two very unlikely people who are anything but happy about being destined mates. Neither is what the other one wants. Ava has always dreamed of a strong and mighty werewolf shifter whereas Logan wants nothing to do with the super-human Ava. He wants a human woman. While Logan and Ava fight the demons to protect earth, they find themselves struggling with their attraction to each other and neither is about to go down without a good fight!

If you haven’t already added Hazel Gower to your favorites list — what are you waiting for? No matter what genre Ms. Gower is writing, she proves that her talent, heart, imagination and humor knows no boundaries. With each one of her books, the reader is guaranteed to be in for a wild ride viewed from a keenly descriptive lens, almost with a 3-D effect as if story boldly comes alive. In the Armageddon Mates series, the explosive action, intense danger and passion along with the paranormal elements deeply ensnares the along with the memorable characters who exhibit a depth of personality, emotion and passion.

The battle of wills between Logan and Ava will keep readers engaged and on edge until the last kiss between these two destined mates. Well-developed, passionate and daring protagonists, Logan and Ava are matched in a sizzling bond that is rife with sexual tension and enough heat to burn the pages. Neither one is what the other expected nor wants in a mate nor is the clashes between them enjoyable with some burning heat, laugh-out-loud moments along with some tender touches to keep it interesting and addicting. The return of all the familiar characters from the previous books instantly vests reader s in the tumultuous adventure of good versus evil.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Shannon