Strong Enough
Cardeno C
Contemporary romance
Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 978-1-62798-051-7
August 2013

Emilio Sanchez is twenty-two years old, working hard in the family’s construction business. While on a job, he
notices Spencer Derdinger who works nearby. Immediately smitten with the handsome shy professor, he makes a point of meeting him. Up close and personal, he realizes this is the man for him. Spencer is rendered speechless
when approached by the sexiness that is Emilio. Although he’s secretly watched him from his office window, he never thought they would meet. Deciding to hook up for the day is just the beginning of things to come. Spencer, besides being an older man of thirty-eight, he’s been hurt and is wary of starting a new relationship. Realizing he’s been given a new chance at love, he’s ready to face his fears head on. Emilio is definitely worth fighting for.

Strong Enough is the second book in the Family series. It packs a sweet punch and I loved every single word. Emilio and Spencer are simply wonderful together. For all it’s sweetness, the characters and dialogue are beautifully written. If you’re looking for angst and mind-bending drama, please look elsewhere. This is strictly a story dedicated to falling in love and the wonderment of it all. Some may accuse the author of sugar overload but it was a sweet treat I couldn’t resist. I found myself smiling a lot feeling the happiness both men felt as they took their journey to love. The supporting characters brought more treats to the party insisting we all have a good time. I had a wonderful time getting to know these special men and I thank the author for inviting me along. This was a lovely romance, sexy, sweet and all that comes with. As always with a Cardeno C book, I look forward to more.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Beverly