Kim Carmichael
Contemporary romance
Decadent Publishing
ISBN # 9781613335611
July 2013

This is a Series from Decadent Publishing. All the heroines and heroes in this series either have friends who send them to, or hear about, Madame Evangeline’s high-end dating service 1Night Stand. The entire series is written by different authors. Keep in mind I have many books in this series so I like the premise very much.

This story begins with Todd Shelton and Cooper Montgomery sitting at a beachside bar drinking shots. Todd seems to be the more easy going of the pair, Cooper being…intense, I guess. They are waiting for their date to show and Madame Eve told them she didn’t let the date know who she was meeting. Todd writes computer programs and Cooper handles the design side of things. They have been friends for years but became friends several years before with Dahlia who could sell anything. The three began a business together but Dahlia was dating, er, sleeping with Todd. At some point she began sleeping with Cooper on the sly with neither man knowing the other was sexually involved with her. Everything hit the fan and words were said, including the title of the story Interchangeable. Dahlia packed up, took all the money from the business and disappeared. Todd and Cooper contacted Madame Eve who managed to find her and set up the date. In walks Dahlia and she’s somewhat surprised and somehow pleased to see her date is with Todd and Cooper. She knew this day was coming.

So, she’s determined to get some closure for herself and for them so they go to the men’s bungalow and begin with the smexy time. Just so you know, both men have been in love with her for years, but her actions basically ripped them up and almost destroyed them. Unbeknownst to them, she has also been in love with them for years, but the words Todd and Cooper said to her at their last meeting just shredded her. Now, she is with them on this date, and as I said, smexy time has commenced. The problem is, she refuses to become emotionally involved with the proceedings and they know something is wrong. Sigh. They do eventually get it out of her, including an apology for what she did years before. Then they have really hot, very intense sex where everyone comes to fulfillment.

Alright. Here we go. When I saw the cover, read the blurb and saw that this was part of the 1Night Stand series I thought for sure it would be right up my alley. In many ways, it is my kind of story. I like the fact Ms. Carmichael didn’t hide the anger and confusion the men felt towards Dahlia and her earlier actions. I also like the fact Dahlia actually does feel terrible about what she did. Sort of. What I didn’t like about this story is Dahlia herself. I’m sorry, I didn’t like her character at all until Chapter Five, and even then I thought for sure Ms. Carmichael would have her doing yet another thing to destroy their relationship. Luckily, Dahlia manages to not take that step I thought she was going to take. Just because I didn’t feel it was up to the standards I seem to have for ménages or at least for 1Night Stand stories does not mean you all won’t like it. I have several more 1Night Stand stories as well as at least one more from Ms. Carmichael on my to-be-read list. I was just disappointed with this particular story.

Overall rating: 3hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.