A Bargain Struck
Liz Harris
Historical romance
Choc Lit Limited
ISBN: 978-1-78189-049-3
July 2013

Ellen O’Sullivan lost a husband, and when she answers an advertisement to become a wife, and help raise a daughter, she fails to give complete information about herself to whom the man she will wed. Conner Maguire has never gotten over the death of his beloved wife, Alice. He needs someone to help him raise his daughter, Bridget, in addition to contributing with chores on the farm. It will be a contract marriage, only, and to give him a son. The moment Conner sees Ellen, her face speaks volumes. She indeed wasn’t truthful with him, but he marries her anyway. Conner still has to explain to Bridget about the marriage, and after seeing Ellen, he has no idea how his daughter will accept Ellen into their lives. It hasn’t been easy for her since his wife died. Ellen and Conner will must face many conflicts, especially an old flame and a drifting brother before they can ever get past their differences. If they can get past true inner beauty, they might have a fighting chance.

Misunderstandings, from many different angles, in A Bargain Struck, makes this book one hard to stop reading. Each character has a flaw, yet none of them, at times, seems to want to admit the fact. They make the book real, and allows the reader to want to jump through the pages and set many of them straight. There were times I wanted Ellen to stand up and not take some of the words being said about her. Bridget could have used a good spanking, at times, and Conner could have been a little more understanding. All in all, Liz Harris, tells an engaging story that keeps the audience hooked on the pages. She makes the characters feelings, expressions and everything surrounding the story come alive.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Linda L