Warrior’s Lady
Madeline Baker
Historical romance
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419940743
March 2013

Leyla is a Maje with a gift of healing. It has been her birthright, and with it someone her father wishes her to marry, since they have something in common. Jarrett is a captured warrior held in a dungeon while others inflict harsh games on him. The torture is so bad at times, that Leyla is sent to tend his wounds, and comfort him. She grows tired of him being subjected to so much abuse and wishes to find a way for them to leave. Jarrett seeks escape. He agrees to sneak away and go to Leyla’s home, never imagining the pain that would strike his heart. Leyla must convince her father she cannot marry her intended. She cares deeply for Jarrett and he feels the same. When he hears that she is betrothed to another, just hearing those words are the worse pain that he has ever felt. They have endured much, but will Leyla’s family destroy their overpowering love they have discovered with each other?

Warrior’s Lady tells a story of a man held and tortured, only to find warmth and love in the arms of a beautiful woman who happens to be someone who can heal. The visualization can almost be felt as Jarrett is held and targeted with his capture. When Leyla goes into the dungeon to care for him, this reader felt a quite hush surround the pages, as Jarrett shares conversation with her. It was like an enigma about to unfold, wondering what was about to jump out. The escape, and going to Leyla’s home, held many surprises along the way. Madeline Baker fashions a moving story of love, devotion, and romance between two hearts that ache for more. She gives life to characters that remain within the reader’s heart.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Linda L