Under the Midnight Sun
Karen Cogan
Inspirational romance
White Rose Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61116-118-2
October 2011

In 1898, May to be exact, Ginny Ray travelled from San Francisco to Skagway, Alaska. She wanted to start her life over and see what would become of it. She wanted to start a boardinghouse but had no idea the offer she would receive. The hotel owner, Pete, wanted to try his hand in the gold rush. He offered her 75% of the intake of his hotel while he was gone if she would run it. If he struck gold, she could have the hotel. She accepted his offer.

Jack was a native with dark hair and eyes and he loved the Lord! As Ginny stepped off the boat he had caught her as she started falling off the gangplank. The next day, they finally “met” each other when she faced him in Pete’s garden. They were completely opposites—Ginny was soft but determined. Jack was tough, a fighter of nature, a guide for trips into the gold mine. He also was immediately drawn to Ginny. He had no idea what she planned to do.

Ms. Karen Cogan has written an incredible sweet book about the lives of three dynamic, quite ordinary people who seemingly meshed together in a unique way. The characters were so realistic that the storyline became magnetic—I couldn’t put it down! The other characters were strong, even though miniscule in details. They were a great opposition to the main characters.

I appreciated this story and recommend it for you! It is written, historically speaking, so that anyone could read it. It is a beautiful story.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Brenda Talley