Twisted Roots Book Four: Beyond Baseball
Carie Lawson
Inspirational romance
Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN: 978-161252-074-2
September 2011

Jude McCord was a famous baseball player now back in his hometown following an injury while on the field. He was a Christian—his faith was serious business to him. He was also a family man. His family was very close and spent many hours at the home of his parents eating big meals loving prepared by his mother. He was undergoing physical therapy but he was also working on his lifetime dream of building a baseball camp.

Isabelle Winters left everything behind in the big city to go spend some time with her elderly grandparents. She had no idea her beloved Nanna had a stroke and was now in a wheelchair. As Isabelle drove into town, a police officer pulled her over for speeding. He arrested her for driving a stolen car. Her stepfather had reported her car stolen because she defied h er mother and left her. Officer Jude McCord was extremely attracted to this woman until he discovered who her grandparents were. Then he was just mad!

Ms. Carie Lawson has written a series of, so far, four books in this series. I have never read anything she has written before but I plan to remedy that. Even though there were three books before this one, I had no trouble reading this as non-series. The characters were extremely attracted to each other. However, Jude knew he couldn’t date Izzie because she wasn’t a Christian. He firmly believed in not being “ unequally yoked.”

The secondary characters just made the book even more of a hit! I want to read the others so I can learn more about the others I’ve now been introduced to through Jude. The faith and belief in God was obvious and well-written. It was not, however, over-the-top or would not be offensive. The storyline was completely believable and I couldn’t seem to put it down.

I loved this book and cannot wait to read more. Great job, Ms. Lawson! I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Overall rating: 5 Stars
Sensuality rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Brenda Talley