Worlds Collide
Karen Wiesner
Inspirational romance
Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN: 978-1-61160-018-6
March 2012

After twelve years, Dr. Marcus Samuels had served his last as a medical missionary. He had extended his contract more than he wanted to. Now he just wanted to go home. He wanted wha t his brothers and sisters had—a love of his own, a home and children. At forty, he wondered if he had waited too long. And he wondered how he would ever make it without his best friend, Japanese/ American Oichi Keiko.

She had gone to school in the United States, maintained her citizenship, and even had an apartment in Chicago. She and her brother had spent years attending school in the U.S., but still were held to the strict Japanese standards. She and her brother had accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. She was engaged to a man she had never met that was, reportedly, involved in porn ography. She had to escape this tradition. Marc had no idea she resigned when he did—until she left with him on his flight home.

Once again, Karen Wiesner has surprised me and completed this beautiful series with a stunning conclusion. As I read, I realized that, great author that she is, she CAN (and does) throw kinks into the storyline that are great surprises. I certainly didn’t see the devastation they would have to face soon after returning to the U.S.

These characters were dynamic, in-depth people who had personal qualities we all look for in friends and family. She developed this book in such a way it was almost impossible to put the book down. The secondary characters were myriad of family members on both sides and in two different places—America and Japan. The writing was addictive and kept me glued to my book.

The sensuality of the content was sweet and intense. It went a little into the emotionally charged relationship. However, it didn’t go over the line. Any age group can, and should, read this marvelous book.

I highly recommend that you run—not walk—to get this book and read it quickly. You will be thrilled you did. This is another reason Karen Wiesner is on my “must read” list. Another great job, Ms. Wiesner!

Rating: 5hearts
Sensuality: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Brenda Talley