Only For a Knight
Michelle Miles
Paranormal romance
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419941948
December 2012

Princess Elyne withstood her mother, Queen Mauve’s, wrath because she dabbled in the affairs of the human hearts and influenced the flow of time to save her human friends. In doing so, she caused Sir Derron, the son of the Guardian of Light, to break their long-standing betrothal. For her infractions, she is stripped of her magical powers and thrown into Fae prison by her mother. Elyne faces an undisclosed amount of time in prison, and Fae live… forever. Until she proves herself by performing one selfless act, Elyne is stuck without her powers in jail and she can’t redeem herself locked up.

Sir Derron, her knight, is still smitten with her despite their broken engagement. Other matter are looming. Lord Kieran of the Unseelie is planning to over throw Otherword and rule both the Dark and Light Courts, killing Queen Mauve to become High King. Sir Derron and Queen Mauve have learned of the threat. Sir Derron breaks Elyne out of prison and begins plans to stop Lord Kieran. Meanwhile, Queen Mauve learns of the death of the Guardian of Light, Derrorn’s father, at the hands of Lord Kieran, and of his plans to acquire all four Treasures of Otherword, releasing the dark dragon as part of his scheme to take over Otherword.

Queen Mauve transfers the Lordship of Light to Derron and learns her daughter has escaped prison but, in the current situation, accepts it. Mauve gathers her army to oppose Lord Kieran. Elyne, trying to gain her mother’s approval goes to gain the help of the Elves, vowing not to return if she doesn’t. Promising the King of the Elves reinstatement to Otherword, she returns with a large force to help and Queen Mauve grudging acknowledges the accomplishment. Meanwhile Lord Kieran gains the other Treasures and the confrontation nears.With help from some of their human friends, Lord Derron and Princess Elyne admit their attraction.

Queen Mauve presents a moderately strong leader but depends on her knights to protect her while Princess Elyne stresses about gaining her mother’s approval and trying to regain the attentions of her betrothed. The story’s flow and action seemed to be narrated sometimes other than shown. Only For a Knight is an interesting fairy tale for a young adult audience.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual
Reviewer: Grace