Mercy and Redemption
Cris Anson
Contemporary romance
Ellora’s publishing
ISBN: 9781419941672
January 2013

The sexual attraction is intense, their touch is sweetly familiar, and the details of their loving are shockingly vivid almost like a pleasurable memory that will not be denied. The first time Mercy touches Adam and Seth sparks fly and images of erotic pleasure filled her head. It isn’t a wish or a dream; it’s more of recollection that that leaves her breathless. Bodies entwined a lover’s passionate pleasure between Mercy, Seth and Adam that is bold and daring resurface from three hundred years that will either pull the lovers together or rip them apart.

Mercy and Redemption, the second book in the Mercy series from the creative pen of Cris Anson, is a romantic and tangled plot that pulls the reader into the depth of the characters passion that tugs at the heart. The touches of reincarnation and the idea that a love that strong between souls finding each other makes for a unbelievably gripping and clever storyline that charms. The main characters are fraught with sexual tension as memories and scenes from the past between Mercy, Seth and Adam come to light; with each part playing light a large jigsaw puzzle and each new piece finds the lovers closer to a forever love that can’t or won’t be disregarded. Also that reader will find their thoughts wandering and asking the what if question as the lovers race to find the answers as to why they were reunited while asking the question can they find a happier forever than they did three hundred years in the base. The sparks fly and the sex scenes are absolutely smoking hot either all together or when Mercy spends a little quality time in both Adam and Seth’s bed rocking the sheets! The bond between the lovers is believable although some readers might have a hard time with Adam’s personality being a little crass on occasion but this is very easy to look beyond.

Although this books is a standalone, the publisher and this reviewer as well suggests that the reader really should read Punishment and Mercy first for a better understanding of the lovers and the storyline.

Mercy and Redemption is another perfect example of why author Cris Anson is on my auto-buy list! I can’t wait to see what’s next for this exciting series.

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon