The Bad Boy’s Biggest Mistake
Sam Crescent
Contemporary romance
Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-494-8
August 2013

Vicki Burke gave her body and heart to the Tristan Carmichael, the Sheriff of Law Castle. Unfortunately, she learned a hard truth a little late, it seems that the sheriff forgot to mention one small little detail; he’s married. Betrayed by the man she loved, and losing their baby in a shooting, Vicki tries to rebuild her life in Law Castle. What she couldn’t have begun to imagine was how difficult that would be when Tristan isn’t about to let her walk away from him.

Tristan Carmichael married in haste and he has been separated from his wife for years but he has never requested a divorce. He knew it was wrong for him to get involved with the innocent beauty Vicki but around her, he has no control. He might have a lifetime of regrets and mistakes but loving Vicki isn’t a mistake and he is determined to win her trust and capture her heart. But first he must fight for a divorce that his wife isn’t about to give him.

The delightfully amazing author Sam Crescent continues her entertaining Law Castle Bad Boys series with emotion and charm, sensuality and wickedness this poignant tale is heartbreaking and riveting. The small town atmosphere, the people that make up the tight community of Law Castle including the hero and heroine, plus the tightly coiled plot pulls the reader along nicely. The Bad Boy’s Biggest Mistake is the perfect complement to the first two books in this engaging and sexually-heated series.

Who doesn’t love or can resist a bad boy? And Tristan Carmichael might not exactly be one of Law Castle’s Bad Boys but he sure could be. With his sexy tattoos, kick-butt attitude and wicked charm he is Vicki’s irresistible fantasy man until heartache and tragedy strikes for her. The innocent and lovely Vicki might have been raised around the Bad Boys and can resist their draw, with Tristan she is hooked. There is nothing she can deny him, nothing that she won’t give him even at the expense of her own emotional heartache. The emotional pull and impact alone between Tristan and Vicki makes this book impossible to put down. The struggles and the flaws that these two lovers must face make them seem real and the connection almost unbreakable. Even throughout the story as the reader feels the need to smack Tristan upside the head or to imagine Vicki with a baseball bat taking a swing at him for the hurt he has caused the reader still turns the page waiting impatiently to see a happy ending for these lovers.

The author hints at what might be next for two of Law Castle’s Bad Boys.

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon