Captive’s Desire
Natasha Knight
Stormy Night Publications
July 2013

With years of training behind her, Olivia is one mission away from earning a spot on the Hunter-Killer Squadron for the Domed city of Mangus One. Finally, she’ll be able to defend one of the last two city’s left on Earth from the savages that now live in the poisoned air outside the dome. But when her plane is shot down, Olivia is forced to question all she believes. As soon as Hayden pulls Olivia from the wreckage, he knows that she’s just what he needs, both to help the resistance fighters and in his life once she understands whats really going on. Between the clean, drug-free air she’s now breathing, the healthy and happy families she’s met, and Hayden’s strong belief in spankings, the truth becomes undeniable. But can she really do what needs to be done to help the resistance when her sister is still inside Mangus One?

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the incredible details Ms. Knight was able to weave into the compelling book. It made me feel immersed in the lives of Olivia and Hayden and those in their lives. And OH MY Hayden is smoking hot. He’s dominant while still caring and Olivia is one lucky woman. As long as she behaves. Although as a reader I have to say the spanking and discipline scenes were enough to have you reaching for a cold drink. And wow, the sex scenes are even better. I have to say, if you aren’t a fan of domestic discipline stories, this may not be the book for you. But if you are, this is a must read. This isn’t listed as the start of a series but I’m really hoping that Ms. Knight is at least planning on writing the story of the couple from the end of the book if not a few more!

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensualit rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Amy Hopkins