Private Scandal
Jenna-Bailey Burke
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60928-428-2
April 2011

Three months ago Megan Carlton had everything — money, security and a secret affair with Brandon Knight, the man of her dreams. Her world comes crashing down when Brandon takes control her family’s hotel business, leaving her penniless. As though that wasn’t enough, she catches him kissing another woman.

Brandon loves Megan and tries to protect her when her father embezzles from the family business. After she disappears without a word, he fears for safety. Finding her working at coffee bar on the seedy side town only confuses him more. She refuses to listen to anything he has to say and so begins the battle for Megan’s heart.

Private Scandal is an enjoyable contemporary romance about misunderstandings and the destructive power of secrets. It has an interesting storyline filled with lively dialogue and smart remarks. I liked both Megan and Brandon.The author creates characters with depth and emotions. Megan faces struggles and disappointments that will be achingly familiar to many readers. I couldn’t help but to cheer her on even if she was her own worst enemy. The all-encompassing attraction between Megan and Brandon is palpable. The sex is frenzied and vividly depicted. It is only after this driving need is sated that the two can begin to face the obstacles in their path. This is a wonderfully steamy read – just right for a hot summer afternoon.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Susan P