Pleasure Satellite
Danielle Monsch
Ellora’s Cave
Scifi Romance
ISBN: 9781419934308
May 2011

Seena is a slave and fighter for the Blood Ring. A human, she is a rarity in the world of interstellar blood entertainment. Nevan is a warrior of the Tevarian race. He lives a life controlled by duty and honor. He is expected to mate with woman for whom he feels only brotherly affection. One night on a Pleasure Satellite could change both their lives forever. Seena is challenged to yet another battle but this time the stakes are different. She wagers her freedom against a week in Nevan’s bed.

This is a very sexually charged story. So much so that it takes time to get to know the characters separately from their sexual appetites. They are both strong people who are trying to live in worlds in which they do not fit. Seena accepts her lot in life and is very open and honest. Nevan is used to very submissive women and is intrigued by Seena. Their sexual encounters are sizzling and exciting. The two can’t get enough of each other. The author’s description and dialogue of these scenes is truly exceptional. Normally, I don’t enjoy a lot of sex talk but Ms. Monsch’s writing has shown me it’s true potential. Apart from the sexual aspect, I liked how their respect for each other grew with time. Nevan and Seena have a depth of character that slowly reveals itself throughout the story. Their lives have been very different but they are very much alike. I highly recommend this very steamy tale.

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Susan P