The Highest Bidder
Kimberly Hunter
Romantic Suspense
Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-6088-641-6
March 2011

Trey Morrison is drugged and sold to the highest bidder at a sex slave auction. Renjiro Takeda is a wealthy Japanese businessman who has been working undercover to take down the slave trader. When he sees Trey bound and drugged, Renji throws caution to wind and takes him home. Neither man could predict the path that lays before them in a life and death struggle with a madman.

I was anticipating a great read based on the story blurb and cover art but the book just doesn’t deliver one. The characters of Trey and Renji are interesting and well-written . There is a core of honor and integrity that runs throughout the story but the plot is very disjointed and confusing. There are too many supporting characters to keep track off. The constant usage of Japanese words and conventions made it hard concentrate on the storyline. The slave trade undercover operation seems to get lost and then is brought to an abrupt conclusion. The sexual activity is at times explicit and may not appeal to some readers due to its nature (related, consenting adults). The author writes wonderful characters but the story elements never come together for me.

Overall rating : 212hearts
Sensuality rating : Explicit
Reviewer: Susan P