Fairy Dust
Carol Shenold
Paranormal romance
The Wild Rose Press
ISBN # 9781612178486
July 2013

This is the first of the Ande Ryan Series. The story begins with Ande, or depending on who’s speaking Bouddicca Andraste Ryan, floating in the air of the shop she co-owns with Sierya. Ande is part fae and part (human) earth witch. Apparently Ande has fairy dust emission problems and at times she’s angry or at least emotional she sometimes just starts to rise up in the air. Her friend, business partner and house-mate Sierya is a full elf. Luckily she know how to ground the floating fae. Ande just found out, hence the cause for her emotional rising, that there are dark fairies coming to steal an amulet she has. It’s the one thing her father left her before he took off. She’s not emotionally attached to it like in a ‘my daddy loved me so much he gave this to me’ kind of way, she just uses it to help her channel her earth magic. They are joined by Castle, half elf and half pixie, who has come to sell the info to Ande about the dark ones coming for the amulet. Besides being part owner of the shop, Ande works as an investigator for the PIU, Paranormal Investigation Unit. They basically brush things under the rug so we pesky humans don’t realize they live next door.

Ande leaves for her job of bringing a problematic pixie in. Of course, nothing is as easy as it seems it should be. Before she even leaves the shop she, Castle and Sierya are attacked my murderous, flying flowers. Yes, flowers. In the air. Trying to kill them. When I finally stopped laughing I could continue to read. So she goes out to get the pixie when a troll attacks her, then when she catches the pixie she’s attacked by all his little pixie friends. Yes, I was chuckling here. Then, then our girl was attacked again. Because you know, she can’t have things easy now can she? This time by a ghoul like creature. She has trouble fighting the thing but gets unexpected assistance from a big dog all while hovering. Then, and only then, did she realize she was going to be late for her blind date with Cal. You know, even with some injury, when she got to the restaurant they not only liked each other but they had a good time. All I could think was, YAY, something went right!

This is a novella, so it’s not an über short, nor a really long story. There wasn’t a single moment reading it that bored me or made me want to stop. It was a raring fun read! I loved all the creatures we met, and I loved how Ande’s dear grandmother was always talking to her in her head. Ms. Shenold gave us such an entertaining romp though a day of Ande’s life. There were real bad guys, good wolves, all kinds of paranormal creatures, magic and pixies! I laughed during the story and really, it is completely worth the read! I can’t wait to read the next book of the series!

Ovreall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Teresa T.