Double or Nothing
N.J. Walters
Contemporary romance
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419947230
August 2013

It has been ten years since Cherry Edmonds stepped foot in West Texas. With her father ill and dying, it’s time for her to come home settle the estate and go back to Boston. She never expected to come face to face with the two sexy cowboys whose actions forced her to run away from her home and her feelings.

Wesson and Remington Smith aren’t about to let Cherry get away from them ever again. They both have been in love with Cherry since they were teenagers and they are out to prove that her heart belongs to them and her home is in Texas with them, forever.

In Double or Nothing from the multi-talented author N.J. Walters, it’s easy to get lost within the pages of this wildly seductive and sexy story that radiates tenderness, trust and passion between two smoking hot cowboys and the one lady meant to be theirs. The tangled plot, lined with the history of friendship, attraction and misapprehension between the characters along with sexual tension, desire and powerful emotions between Cherry and her men creates a love story that is a real treat to enjoy again and again. The perfectly pitched dialogue feels right on complementing these dynamic characters.

Wes and Remy are two cowboys who are controlled, tough and honest heroes who aren’t about to play games with Cherry. They both have known for years that she was the only woman they were willing to call theirs; they will stalk and claim her heart, body and soul. The reader can’t help but fall a little in love with the characters as Cherry struggles to comprehend what Wes and Remy want from her and the consequences of their love. The reader almost feels the battle of heartbreak, hope, love, trust and family that Cherry, Remy and Wes cope with in their chance at forever. The loving between Cherry and her cowboys is intense, playful and sexy and will not disappoint. The ending is pure seduction and will have leave the reader a little hot and bothered but smiling in delight.

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon