Small Town Treasure
Dora Hiers
Inspirational romance
White Rose Publishing
June 2012

Emily Mannerson couldn’t get out of the small town where she grew up fast enough. Now she’s headed back there to take care of her adopted mother. Matthew Westerly can’t imagine living anywhere other than Journey Creek. The only thing missing is Emily. When she comes crashing back into his life, the spark between them reignites and they’re both left with choices about their future.

The reunion between Matthew and Emily really does open with a crash. Neither of them were prepared for the impact seeing each other again would have on their lives. Matthew’s persistent pursuit of Emily illuminates his personality and his unwillingness to let this second chance with the woman he loves pass him by. And while Emily tries to hold back and protect her heart from falling for Matthew a second time, she can’t resist his charm. Their relationship blossoms in spite of the obstacles they must work together to overcome.

Even though the main focus of this story is the way their faith guides Matthew and Emily in their relationship, their past and the people of their small town play a large role in the story. Matthew’s friends and family are especially important with the way they accept Emily into their fold with open arms. This is a truly touching story about seizing a second chance.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Karin