K. D. Grace
Contemporary romance
Xcite Books
ISBN: 9781908917294
May 2012

Val Hastings is down to her last nerve, and her aunt and cousin are both getting on it during their drive across the country. She has to do something to let off steam before she snaps. Enter Hawk, a mysterious man on a motorcycle who keeps crossing their path. He has a great way to relieve the stress of the road and is more than happy to share it with Val.

From the moment Hawk’s voice interrupts Val’s moment of quiet behind the restrooms at a rest stop along the highway, heat simmers between the two of them. The illicit nature of their first encounter highlights the instant chemistry between them. Val and Hawk are a pretty combustible combination whenever they’re alone. And Hawk’s sense of adventure, especially when it involves naughty activities, is exactly what Val needs to lighten up her serious personality and relax a little on the long drive with her aunt and cousin.

K. D. Grace has written a fast-paced, extremely steamy story about two people finding the unexpected. The pace of the story fits quite well because of the short length and the fact that everything is happening over a few days during a road trip. And though most of the story is straightforward, there are a few somewhat unexpected twists toward the end. This is a fun, quick read that anyone looking for a little heat will enjoy.

Overall rating: 312hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Karin