J. Lilley
Young adult
Lycaon Press
ISBN: 978-1-77101-813-5
June 2012

Rach Connor has been dealing with more changes than she was expecting ever since her move to Scotland with her father. Hearing the voices of her new friends in her head is especially worrisome to her, especially Brios Parde, the boy she has a crush on. Brios is a Shalean leopard shifter who knows what Rach doesn’t – that she’s also a leopard shifter. He likes her, too, and feels that she will be important to him, as long as he can keep her safe from other factions of shifters and help her deal with the coming changes when she learns of her heritage.

Though Rach’s internal musings at the beginning of the book are a little tedious, they are a good way to introduce Rach to readers. Showing that Rach is concerned with typical teenage things makes her a relatable character. However, spending so much time in her thoughts throughout the book slows the pace a little in certain spots. The few times the author delves into the thoughts of the other teenage characters, especially Brios, there is not the same problem because there always seems to be at least one other teenage shifter ready to crash their thoughts. The mental communication between the shifters can be fairly amusing and it generally occurs when there is some action going on in the story, and there is actually quite a bit of action in the second half of the book.

It is definitely clear throughout this book that the teenagers are the focus of the story. Brios even takes control in some of the situations involving adults, which highlights the fact that he will be the next leader of the Shaleans. The connection between him and Rach is evident from the beginning and only gets stronger by the end of the book. J. Lilley has created an interesting group of shifters and does a good job of building up the tension in the book and using the end of this story to lead into the next in the series.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Sweet
Reviewer: Karin