Beguiling Enchantment
Riley Murphy
Paranormal romance
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419940590
May 2012

Tenly is a desperate witch. Months of craving have left her weak and she’s decided she can no longer wait for her Wicceen mate to show up. She doesn’t know the hot male at her door is her mate, Sexton, not the man she conjured. Sexton is willing to play along in order to help his mate alleviate her craving since he’s sure she’d not let him if she knew who he was.

This book starts out interesting and only gets more so as the story goes along. Sexton’s determination to make up for the injustice Tenly has suffered in his absence makes him an endearing and likeable character. Even his slight bit of trickery by not correcting her assumption about his identity is forgivable since he continues with the charade out of concern for her well-being. Tenly is a woman who has learned to depend on herself and shows her independence when she really makes Sexton work before she finally gives in to him. Their chemistry burns up the pages and the way they are together highlights the fact that they really are a good match for one another.

Murphy’s story is extremely steamy from start to finish, especially the inclusion of the conjured male. The touch of humor lightens the serious nature of Tenly’s problem and Sexton’s anger about the circumstances surrounding it. This is definitely an enjoyable and quick read full of heat.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Karin