Love, Sam
Linda Rettstatt
Inspirational romance
Champagne Books
ISBN: 978-1-92668-174-0
November 2010

In the year after she lost her partner of six years, Trish Garrity is left living with unbearable grief. Anticipating the pain of loss her partner would go through after losing her to cancer, Samantha Preston writes twelve letters, to be read the first of every month after her death. These letters help Trish go through life without her soul mate, face challenges such as her family, and move on with her life with the knowledge that Sam will always be watching over her. The biggest challenge Trish will face, however, is letting go of her lost love.

Love, Sam is a heartbreaking story about love, and coping with its loss. Every word in this book is packed with emotion so real and powerful that I found myself crying, laughing, hurting, and cheering right along with the characters. Trish is an amazing woman, caring and loyal, and it was hard and amazing to see her struggle through her journey. Sam, though mostly a memory in the book, is as alive as any of the other characters, and her brief appearance in the beginning of the novel sets her tone so well, it is easily recognizable in her letters to Trish, which made reading those letters painful as I myself recognized the woman behind the words. Even the secondary characters were extremely enjoyable to know, and I specially loved Ellen, Matt and Phyllis. I loved that, although the plot centered around Trish as she coped with Sam’s loss, all these secondary stories unfolded in the background, which I believe all helped Trish see that it is ok for life to go on, and it is worth to stick to it until the end. The writing in this book drew me in effortlessly, making the story so real to a point I felt everything Trish felt throughout this incredible process of regaining faith in life. This book is amazingly sweet, heartbreakingly sad, and an inspirational masterpiece. I truly believe reading this novel will not only change your life, but change the way you view everything you thought you knew about living.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual
Reviewer: Athena