Freedom to Submit (Freedom, Colorado series 1)
Melody Snow Monroe
ISBN: 978-1-62242-987-5
June 2013

While on a routine surveillance operation, Danisa Miller not only witnesses a murder, but captures the whole crime on video and now the killer wants her dead. Sheriff Brady Braxson isn’t about to let anything happen to the delightfully curvy and beautiful Danisa. He insists that she move in with him and his rancher roommate, Lucas Holt, until the danger is past. Desire, domination and passion explode and the submissive in Danisa finds herself at the mercy of Lucas and Brady’s loving. But Danisa is torn between her feelings for the men and what the future holds for them once the killer is caught.

Readers are going to enjoy the action, adventure and passion that meld together perfectly within the pages of author Melody Snow Monroe’s first book in an exciting new series that is sure to tantalize and captivate. The author displays her talent for creating unconventional, touching, charming and unforgettable stories peopled with sexy men who are sexy, funny, mad, and bad and a whole lot dangerous and the woman who comforts, loves and completes them like no one else can. There is a depth of intoxicating passion and sensuality along with the touches of domination between Danisa and her men that pure erotic fun and smoking hot. Danisa jumps right into her relationship with Lucas and Brady but the sparks fly and with Brady and Danisa being high school friends it’s really easy to believe that attraction between them.

The author cleverly lures the reader into the storyline along with the characters’ lives in such a way that it feels like on each page she is dangling just enough information or details to hook the reader’s attention making it almost impossible not to want to jump pages ahead and find out how things played out and making it almost impossible to put the book down. The danger to Danisa is portrayed in such a way that the reader is guessing most of the time as to just who the bad guys really is adding to the stories appeal but not hindering the romance between Danisa, Lucas and Brady.

I can’t wait to see what’s next in the second book in the Freedom, Colorado series!

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Shannon