Born Cheetah (Shifting Crossroads, 7)
Zenina Masters
Paranormal romance
Extasy Books
ISBN # 978-1-77111-644-2
August 2013

This is the seventh story in the Shifting Crossroads Series by Zenina Masters. You don’t have to read the other six first…but I actually do recommend it so you can understand the Crossroads… and because I love the Crossroads!

This story begins with Rayna at the baby shower of her older sister Leyline. Rayna was adopted into a family of otter shifters and she is a cheetah shifter. Yes, I’m smirking and shaking my head, but Rayna’s parents were best friends with her adopted parents the Samuels. While the town they live in has many shifters, otters tend to dominate the shifter population. Anyway, Rayna is a cat through and through and ended up leaving town to finish school and not eat otters for snacks. It really wasn’t that drastic, but otters can’t teach cheetahs living and hunting skills and she didn’t want her cat to lose it. So while at the shower, her other sister Augusta and she were chatting when a woman comes over and tells her that her birth parents looked out for her and arranged a trip to the crossroads if she were still unmated at the age twenty six. As she is about to turn that age, she does eventually take her up on it and go to the Crossroads. She even stays at the Open Heart Bed and Breakfast which we see in all the Crossroads stories.

After a week with no luck she runs into a man she used to know and Bam! Chemistry all over the place! That man is Gregory Daywell, a horse shifter. While I may still be smirking, I don’t consider them a predator/prey couple. Gregory was on the track team in her high school and she had a huge crush on him. It turns out the crush was returned, but the problem happened when he started to date Leyline and Rayna’s cat almost went postal on her sister. Ok, cats don’t really go postal, they do however attack in painful and bloody ways and she didn’t want to do that to her sister. So here they are at Crossroads, running all over the place in human form and their animal form. They clear up some of the mistakes in communication from their youth, and totally have some very hot, smexy time heating up the Open Heart!

I really loved Rayna and Gregory’s relationship. I loved how he and his horse were fast enough to keep up with her when they ran, and they really are just so good together. As usual, Ms. Masters wove a wonderful story giving us enough of the history to make the future look exciting and hot! I liked meeting her cheetah mentor who she called Aunt Reggie, I though Augusta was pretty awesome and Gregory’s family was a hoot! This was just a fun read and I didn’t put it down! I had to check Ms. Master’s web site and it looks like we’ll be seeing Augusta in Getting Wet on November first! YAY! I can’t wait!

Overall rating: 412hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Teresa T.