Midnight Fire
Madeline Baker
Historical romance
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419942730
March 2013

Morgan Slade feels a loner, with no one, except a bottle of whiskey, as family. Carolyn Chandler is an heiress whom her father has chosen to be married soon. The man is almost as old as her father. She sees a way of escape by going to Nebraska to see her brother. Carolyn finds a wounded Morgan and helps him. He in turns agrees to take her to her brother’s home. She must follow his plan if she wishes not to be seen by her father. Morgan can practically feel her need, not to mention the desire he slowly feels toward her. While Carolyn wishes to escape her father, Morgan would love to be able to find his. As their journey begins, both are very different people, yet a budding romance begins to simmer between the two. He is a drunk, with no money, but Carolyn finds him so masculine. As the long trip begins, and perils escalate at every turn, they wonder if the love they share for the other can overcome all odds.

Midnight Fire is a great flowing story, with a good plot, diverse characters and moments that kept this reader holding to each word. Carolyn and Morgan are different, yet the interaction they share with the other, connects to bring two people who deeply care for each other together. The intensity of the journey, with obstacles at almost each turn, lend good depth to the storyline. Madeline Baker creates Morgan’s character as one who believes he will never make anything of himself, until he finds some kind of salvation with Carolyn. I loved how she created Carolyn’s character learning new things as she sets out on this expedition with Morgan. She molds players that an audience can love, and a story that delivers.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Linda L