A Secret Love
Douglas Black
Contemporary romance
Evernight Publishing
July 2013

James and Mark are looking forward to their next clandestine meeting. It’s the only way they can be together, at least
for now. They are planning on being together permanently in six months if things go as planned. Until then, the next
scheduled getaway at the very conservative Caledonian Hotel is much awaited. When both men arrive sans wedding
rings,it’s all they can do to keep their hands off each other. Before the loving can start, the couple must contend with meddling hotel guests. Six months seem so far away.

This is a wonderfully written, romantic, sexy novella, and I loved every page. It’s a quick easy read about two men who adore each other but due to circumstances can’t be together. Their connection through great dialogue and steamy sex keeps the story moving. I thought I knew after a few pages in what direction the author was leading me. To my pleasant surprise the road ahead had some unexpected turns. I could almost feel their anticipation of being together again. I was on tenterhooks hoping nothing would happen in the six months to disrupt their plans. I won’t spoil the plot but suffice it to say Mr Black tells a good story. I hope there’s a sequel in the works. Great read!

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating:Explicit
Reviewer: Beverly