Trinity: A Brethren Novel
Deena Remiel
Paranormal romance
Decadent Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-936394-74-6
March 2011

Emma Livingston’s five year-old daughter Hannah had been having nightmares of a demon for so long now, they were both showing signs of severe sleep deprivation. When Emma turns to one of her few friends, Michael D’Angelo, he reveals some startling revelations. Michael is not just the principal of Hannah’s school, he is a Protector angel and a member of the Brethren. Together, he, Emma and Hannah form the Trinity, a triad of power that will come into play during the upcoming war of good versus evil.

Trinity was an enjoyable read and was kept from bei ng a truly outstanding read by just a few minor obstacles. The hero, Michael, is dealing with guilt over the loss of his first family years ago, and in addition to that, seems to feel that mortal women find angel wings repulsive. Let me just state for the record that had any of my school personnel looked like Michael with wings, I would have several PhD’ by now. Now for the heroine, Emma. She has trust issues. I get that. However, if you firmly believe that someone is an angel, and that someone has already saved you and your daughter from a hideous demon, isn’t trust a given? This issue crops up not once but several times and it was quite frustrating.

The storyline, secondary characters, as well as the evil villains were flawless, and should lend themselves quite easily to a continuing series. There were snippets of humor that broke up some really graphic battle scenes. I wish the love scenes had been a bit more detailed and gritty, but they were sweet and may pull in a more diverse demographic. I adored the whole warrior angel theme and with just a few tweaks, Ms. Remiel could have a monster series on her hands. I will be reading the second book.

Overall Rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell