The Lianhan Shee
Erin Grace
Paranormal romance
Lyrical Press
ISBN: 9781616502546
March 2007

The Lianhan Shee was bored with her immortal existence of seducing mortal men to their doom. Nothing challenged her anymore, not until Fergal, an obnoxious little leprechaun made her a wager. If she couldn’t seduce the mortal of his choosing in one week, she would have to become his companion for the next 100 years.

What drove me absolutely crazy about this book was the title. I kept wanting to spell it sidhe, both are correct, but I just prefer the gaelic spelling. Trivial, I know but I’m Irish, so I drink and nitpick. The story though is the reason for garnering your at tention. It is a delightful and pure Irish fairytale. It portrays the magical folk as the unfeeling and manipulative creatures that mythology has professed them to be. I loved that Evie, the Lianhan Shee gets caught in her own trap, seduced into an unrequited love.

Aidan, the mortal Evie has to seduce, believes she is the embodiment of his dream woman. Having recently undergone a traumatic head injury, Aidan is hiding from life and uncertain if he is man enough to risk a relationship with a woman. He is a very sympathetic hero that the reader can’t help but hope he wins his heart’s desire, and if Evie doesn’t fit the bill, I would be more than happy to volunteer. Aidan is such a keeper. You can never go wrong with sexy, troubled men being rescued by love. This was quite the heartwarming and enchanting story.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly Sensual
Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell