The Dragon Slayer
Jianne Carlo
Historical romance
Etopia Press
ISBN: 978-1-936751-26-6
April 2011

Having proven himself loyal in battle to King Cnut, Ruard has been gifted the prosperous lands of Dunsmuir. He has also been gifted the late Lord’s eldest daughter, Catriona the Pure. Lord Ulfric desires Dunsmuir and Catriona for himself, so he is holding Catriona’s younger sister hostage. Unless Catriona poisons her new husband her sister will die. She really wanted him to be old and ugly. Ruard was looking for a wife who could keep house, had all her teeth and didn’t drool. They were both surprised.

What a hot little story!! Not only was it super sexy, but the characters were fun and the story entertaining. The Dragon Slayer was able to pull off the hat trick, which is difficult to do in a story of this length. The historical details were accurate, and the characters behaved in accordance with the time period. Catriona had a spark and feistiness that was nicely played, and Ruard was a typical man of the times. Arrogant, and at times overbearing, but he was great with Catriona, never hesitating to show her how much she was coming to mean to him. I was really pleased with this book and will definitely watch out for more from this author.

Overall rating: 4hearts
Sensuality rating: Very Sensual
Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell