Vonna Harper
Paranormal romance
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60928-336-0
January 2011

Stark is the shadowy guardian of Cougar Mountain and the human arm of Cougar Spirit. The legend is as old as the mountain they protect, and while taking a short sabbatical to reconnect with nature, Mia figures she might as well debunk the myth. Stark has different ideas. Cougar Spirit has promised him Mia as his mate. Captured, bound and gagged, Mia learns the legend is all too real.

This is a very erotic short story that encompasses a fantasy common among some very strong, modern women. The fantasy of being forced to give up absolute control and for a brief time become absolutely submissive to a dominant, unknown male. The author does a very nice job of bringing us into Mia’s struggle with her secret desires versus her beliefs in being a strong, independent woman of the world. Once she finally capitulates and gives in to Stark, only then is the reader given an insight into the workings of Stark’s mind and his motives.

The author has also woven a very relevant ecological message into the story. This played out beautifully with the harshness of Stark’s actions and the primitive way Cougar Spirit has brought Mia and Stark together. Stark is so immersed in Cougar Spirit, he has lost part of what made him human. This story basically equates everything to animalistic impulses, that Mia tempers with a gentling humanity. This is a very good example of the kidnap fantasy with light bondage.

Overall rating: 3hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell